1. Send Us Your Schematics

Include information on board dimensions and constraints
3. Designers at Work

Quick turnaround times within 5 business days
2. Review Our Quote

We will provide quick PCB quote for your review
4. Design Review

Design review is joint effort between PCS and customer
State of the Art PCB Design Tools

Our designers have acces to a variety of software tools for schematic capture, PCB design layout, PCB gerber editors, and mechanical PCB desing tools.

PCB Design Services

Circuit design includes system and board level definition with thourough review of customer documents and diagrams by our highly experienced team of engineers. Cost, schedule, and design constraints are addressed early on. PCS has an easy quote process and fast turnaround times with account reps that guide you through the whole process.
PCB Design Delivery

We will deliver complete CAD Database, Drill and Gerber Data, Fabrication Drawins, and Assembly Drawings.

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